Allied Experiential's Relationship Group designs exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that build and enhance relationships between brands and their most important customers and business partners.

Relationship Group

The Relationship Group takes client events to a new and rarified level by curating experiences that deliver personal, priceless, "bucket list" memories and unshakeable bonds between businesses and their customers. From arts and culture to culinary, sports and entertainment, we integrate luxury lifestyle elements and high-profile personalities into each extraordinary event.

Our strategy is inspired by the human side of doing business, because behind every company there are people. We help our clients nourish their business relationships by making the professional a little more personal. Our mission is to make the professional a little more personal.

Allied Experiential's years of expertise in producing luxury consumer experiences as well as high-level sales meetings and incentive events have paved the way for the Relationship Group’s extraordinary B2B event services. There are very few agencies that approach customer entertainment with our strategic planning and alignment with client goals. 

Our list of distinguished clients includes American Express, Robert Mondavi, Warner Bros., IMAX, Vail Resorts, The American Pavilion at The Cannes Film Festival, City of Las Vegas, Infiniti and Monterey County California.

Along with Allied Experiential's Senior Vice President, Matthew Glass, the Relationship Group is made up of a diverse mix of professionals with years of experience building relationships through unique events:

Rob O’Keefe is an accomplished marketing strategist with 20 years of experience in successfully developing brands through integrated communications. Rob was the lead in the iconic “What Happens Here, Stays Here” advertising campaign for the city of Las Vegas. He was also a co-creator and developer of “Vegas Uncork’d,” and the creator of the “Once & Only” extraordinary experiences series for American Express OPEN. Currently, Rob is leading rebranding efforts for destination brands including Monterey County CA and Atlantic City.

Amy Foster Devore has a 20-year track record of building brand equity by creating high-value partnerships that drive immediate revenue and long-term value.  From Bangkok to Cannes, Amy has traveled the world designing and staging intimate experiences and events. In her 20 years at Bon Appétit magazine, Amy designed original platforms for a series of brands including Target, Visa, Infiniti and Samsung. Amy was also a co-creator of “Vegas Uncork’d,” which was driven by her influence and access to the most prestigious chefs in the world.  She has also created extraordinary events for The American Pavilion at The Cannes Film Festival, Vail Resorts and Atlantic City.

John White is a seasoned marketing and business development pro who has consistently set new business benchmarks in creating integrated, multi-channel marketing programs for leading brands across a variety of industries.  John has been at the forefront of advancing multi-media platforms for several companies including Time, Inc., AT&T and American Airlines. John’s focus now is on the new “again” media—the actual experience—and works with a number of brands including American Express, Boston Wine Expo and The American Pavilion.